Can user set default sort order of e.g. salesorders

When you go to sales orders, it shows the lowest number of sales orders in the top. The user then press the “Number” topic, and the sorting changes to the reverse order. They would like the page to show that sorting order when they enter the page, so they do not have to change order every time they go to the page.

As a default there is a filter named “ALL”, but you can’t change that. Instead you can make your own filter, and in that filter it seems like it remembers the sorting you have chosen. You can then save that as “MY FILTER”, but when you go back to the page it starts with the “ALL” filter, and you then have to click your own filter - not saving any clicks.

Is it not possible for a user to set their own prefered filter, or any other way set the default sorting order of a page?

We are looking for a solution that can be done in a default Business Central (spring 2020)