can somebody help me

can somebody teach me on how to solve my problem…for example 1 user will be the only one to put a tick mark on the accept action message column and the other users will only be able to view the said column??? help pls

i would like to do this in nav 5

thanx allan


Where are you experiencing this issue? What Version of Navision are you using? If you are using NAV2009 or 2009-SP1 are you using the Role Tailored Client? I think that information will help others in helping you.



How have you tried to solve the problem so far? What ideas have you had? This will prove to be a much better learning experience than someone just telling you the answer.

Von :

This should get you started :

1/ Create a field on table 91 - User Setup called. ie : “View Unit Cost” → Boolean

2/ add the business logic around the field created in step 1