Can recurring journal be used for reversing entry after 1 month?

Hello guys,

My client’s requirement is to post a huge Journal voucher every month end & reverse it on the same day next month. I could see Recurring journal do something similar but it reverses on next day. How can I extend this 1D reversal period to 1M?

Or is it already available?

Plz guide…

What is the value in Recurring Frequency field in recurring journal?

Its FiXED, VARIABLE & BALANCE and their reverse… I can use “reversing variable” but it i want it to be reversed after a month

In CU 13, if you see the below code

IF ("Recurring Method" >= "Recurring Method"::"RF Reversing Fixed") AND ("Posting Date" <> 0D) THEN BEGIN "Posting Date" := "Posting Date" + 1;

Posting Date is added by one day only so you can change it based on your requirement…

Yes I found this code :slight_smile: but you think its good to change it directly in CU 13? or shall I create a new variable lets say in “general ledger setup” to store “30D” or “1M” and use this variable’s value in this CU13?

I prefer to create a setup field and use the field in calculation…