Can not select a record syslastvalue error 117

Hi All,

I am getting below error in ax 2012 r3 cu9. It suddenly occurred in ax.

"Cannot edit a record in LastValue (SysLastValue). UserID:., Usersetup.The SQL database has issued an error"(error coming while I starting ax also when opening sysusersetup form form File->Tools->options)

I have already tried below process to resolve the issue.

  1. Full Compile

  2. Full CIL

  3. Database Synchronization(getting 2 or 3 error but it doesn’t seems to be related with above issue)

  4. cleared cache

  5. deleted AUC and KTI files

  6. Restarted AOS service

AX Version: AX 2012 R3 CU9

I also checked event viewer it will indicating error 117

Any help would be appreciated.



Is that the total error?

error screen.docx (138 KB)

Hi Kranti,

please find attached screenshot for reference

5633.error screen.docx (138 KB)

I cannot see any attachment? If you have a problem with attachment, you can just copy/paste the error here.