Can not login into different workstation through same userid

Dear All,

I am accesing Navision through Citrix.

I can not lock on with my login at the same time on two workstations.

I tried on the first and it worked, whereas the second show the error message. When I disconnect and try again on the second it works as well.

The issue I have I need to be able to connect at two workstations at the same time.

When i am login into another workstation it showing me “disksize full” error message.

I am not able to understand which disk is full either Navision database disk or Citrix server disk.

So, please any one can help me to resolv this problem.

Thanks and Regards,

Kishor K Bhatt

The issue is not really NAV related, but then again it is.

You have to look at the temporary files NAV creates when you are logging in to the system.

I’m not a Citrix expert, but there is somewhere in Citrix that you can define this temporary space.