can not invoice sales order because item ledger entry does not exist proploem

When i go ot make sales order then make post-ship and inoice or invoice two options one error message show "item ledger entry no xxxx does not exist ".

I go to item ledger entry table and search about this entry but not found how i solve this proplem

my license is client license and sql server 2005 and dynamic nav 2009 r2

How i solve this proplem


Hi Ahmed,

When you check the Item Ledger Entry table, did that Entry No. in the error message exists or not?

thanks for reply

item ledger entry no Not Exist


I have seen this error a few times. Here the customer was using Lot Numbers and the errors was related to this. Using Serial Numbers could cause the same errors. It was basically due to the items somehow did not pick up the correct Lot when posting. My guess is that using Reservations could also give the same error.

Could this be the same? Are you using Lot No.s, Serial No.s or Reservations?

Thanks for reply but i don’t using lot no and don’t using reservation also entry no in item ledger entry not exist

What i do if deleted this entry by wrong

Have you deleted the entry from Item ledger entry ???


Well if you start manually deleting any ledger entry in the system, then you are asking for problems!!! Bad boy! [;)]

The Ledger Entry tables together with the Registers are tables you NEVER should delete! There is a reason why you can’t do this with a normal license, only a partner license can do this.

I would say case solved, question closed!