Can not consume stock items!.. Why?

Hi all, I have a customer case; where I want to consume stock items in the inventory. However, the customer does not have the Navision Manufacturing Modules. And, unfortunately I see that “Item Consumption Journal” appears only in the Manuf module, but not the Inventory module. I have tried adding new Journal Templates and Batches to manage my aim, however these efforts all put me to the dead-end of using the Manuf Module. How can I deduct the quantity of a stock item in the inventory, without the use of Manuf module? Is there a way to overcome this situation. Thanking you in advance for your kind help.

just post lines of “Entry Type” “Negative Adjmt.” in the item journal to reduce (“consume”) items from inventory. the consumption journal is only to be used in the manufacturing module.

Hi Esat, Try using “BOM Journals” Best Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Hi Esat Perhaps you could explain more clearly your customers needs. The use of the items can be replicated by the two suggestions above, or if you have a distributor just selling them will alter the stock. Manufacturing Consumption Journals are used for the auto and manual flushing of stock through the production order associated or not with routing and the appropriate Production BOM. If your customer requires this sort of functionality and you are implementing it without it and looking for workarounds I worry for your customer [:D]

Hi Beawer, Thank you for your reply. Once I use the suggested Entry Type/Negative Adjustment, there is a negative change only in the stock item quantity; but no effect to the cost accounts. How can I reflect “the value” of this depleted or negatively adjusted quantity to the accounts? Negative adjustment method, does not have a cost connection. — Hi Srinivas, Please Note: I do not have the manufacturing module. Therefore, the use of BOM Journal is not possible. —

Hi Weaver, Please note: I am not doing a manufacturing process. The situation is one of depleting the stock quantity of an item, due to say loss, breakdown, theft etc. or any other noncommercial activity. It is neither due to manufacturing, nor due to sales activity. If it was Sales, I would have used the Cost Of Goods Sold Account. If it was Manfacturing, I would have used corresponding Account for WIP etc. But, for the negative adjustment, which was suggested by Beaver, there is not a connection to any GL account. That method helps only to deduct the “quantity”, but not the “value”. I need that, the value of stock should also be deducted, once there is a quantity deduction. Clear? So, what shall I do?

Change in value is first reflected after using Inventory->Periodic Activities->Adjust Item Ledger Entries and after that Inventory->Periodic Activities->Post Inventory Cost to G/L. Inventory Cost Accounting is quite a complex matter. You can find a lot on this site if you search for this topic. There is also some documentation on inventory cost accounting by MBS that you might want to read.

By the way - for BOM Journals you don’t need the Manufacturing modul, just granule 4060 - BOM Journals…

HI Esat No offence meant by my reply, but you are the one asking a basic quesiton. BOM Journals are not related to manufacturing, they are purely inventory, so the suggestion was fair. The cost of the item will be copied from the item card it will be posted via the appropriate setups of the posting groups and the posting groups set against the item. This will naturally be dependant on the automatic cost posting flag and the periodic activities described previously. I find it a little worrying that you are advising a customer and do not understand the fundamentals of the system.


Originally posted by SBWEAVER
No offence meant by my reply, but you are the one asking a basic quesiton. … I find it a little worrying that you are advising a customer and do not understand the fundamentals of the system.

SB Weaver, I do not understand, why you take it personal, when there is a rejection to what is suggested. I appreciate your effort [:)]and the time taken to participate to the forum for replying the queries of people; but don’t really approve any efforts that goes beyond a help, and sounds like a show-off deal.[V] It is not a matter of “understanding the fundamentals of the system”, but rather “the difficulty to explain the situation, or perhaps to understand what is already explained”. Also, remember that the forums are for sharing the knowhows, but not for assessing the proficiency of the members. Therefore, I hold the freedom to ask any Navision question in this forum, that may even seem “stupid” to you. As long as I am in the suitable thread, it should not hurt anybody, including you. Of course, you are free to reply such stupid questions (but without hurting the people); or totaly ignore them. The reason why the question was asked in the “End User Questions” thread, is because, yes it is a “basic” one. It is not because, the fundamentals are not understood by my team. The following paragraph is from the Price_FAQ.DOC sheet that explains what each granule is for: 4060: You use this granule to break down finished goods into bills of materials: Bills of Materials can be used to describe constructions, package deals and other products that are always sold together. Bills of materials are set up in the item table with a bill of materials description specifying items, resources, quantities, and so on. There are also batch jobs for calculating the direct unit cost of the bills of materials. The company is not constructing, not assembling, not bundling, not manufacturing… The company is just buying and selling. Therefore, there is no BOM in the scenario ever. Therefore, there is no need for the BOM Journals. Therefore, the company did not (should not) buy the BOM Journals (4060) Granule. And they do not even want to buy it. The question is, how can this be solved, with the standard “default journals” (perhaps by a small modification) or something else. I hope, it is clear this time.

Hi Esat Please understand that basic does not equal stupid, I was in no way implying you were stupid. I was however questioning why you are advising a customer on something that is very standard within Navision and that most people who have been on any Essentials course would be able to answer, I presume these are unavailable to you. If you understand the fundamentals as you said, I cannot really understand how this question is asked - do you not percieve the removal of stock from a system as fundamental where items are sold? The reason for my response on the BOM Journals was that Srinivas suggested BOM Journals and you replied you do not have the manufacturing “module” I simply said you did not require it. If you had answered that the user only buys and sells that would have been the end of the thread as far as BOM Journals are concerned. The original question asked regarded the consumption of stock, and you had investigated the manufacturing modules which is why I believe the thread proceeded as it did. Nothing was taken personally here, and I think my responses are valid, knowing how stock is and can be consumed should be standard to an NSC. As for showing off, if passing on my knowledge to try and assist you in resolving your issue with the details provided then yes I am a show off, as is every other single person who tries to reply on this forum. As you correctly say these forums are not for assessing the proficiency of follow members however I think anyone can express an opinion here, and I have, and I will leave it at that. My apologies if I have caused you offence, none was intended. Good luck with the implementation.