Can Navison cater for FIFO By Location ?

Standard navision provide costing method of FIFO, BUT it does not provide costing method - FIFO BY LOCATION. For Example Item A , cost $5 , location A Item A , cost $8 , location A Item A , cost $6 , location B , Item A , cost $9 , location B If i create a sales order line by selecting item A , location B , the system should take cost $6 Anyone have any idea on how to work around this problem ? Other than using item tracking, is there any other solution for it. cause the volumn of the item is counted by million eg. (3,000 ,000 pcs). It will make the system hang if i use the item tracking method. Thanks in Advance ! [B)]

Maybe you would like to try setup Average Cost Calc Type to Item&Location&Variant. Perhaps this question should be posted to End User Forum too? :slight_smile:

FIFO Costing is by Location. It is strictly based on the Item Ledger Applications and those are definately by Location. Have you run the Inventory Periodics? Note that the Cost on the Sales Order will always be the Average Cost for any Costing Method (except Standard). This Cost will never be adjusted.

Hi ckyeong, Both S.K. Chong & Chris Krantz are right. We needs to setup Average Cost Calc. Type as Item&Location&Variant (Inventory Setup), then system will by default calculate the FIFO costing by location. Naveen Jain

Chris is right, FIFO Costing is by Location.

Millions thank you to SK Chong, Chris Krantz and Naveen Jain !! :smiley: My problem is solved. Thanks for your help.