Can Navision be integrated with Global Postioning

Hi all, I just wanted to know whether we can integrate Navision with Global Positioning System ? If so will that be consistent Enough. I would be very thankful if someone could give me a solution for the above query. Thanks and Regards Guna

Integration should not be too much of an issue, but… I have to ask WHY[?]? So you mean you want to know where a user is when they are using Navision? If you post some more details you will be able to get a more comprehensive answer.


So you mean you want to know where a user is when they are using Navision?
Originally posted by David Singleton - 2005 Jun 04 : 13:48:05

hahaha [:D] [:P]

I have seen a demo of it working with GPS. They used it to record where in a field a products was picked. And so see inter alia where the best quality is grown. With all these hand helds perhaps you do want to track users!

There’s a number of different ways that you can integrate with navision

  • message queueing
  • socket connections (you’d need an additional external component depending on the type of socket connection)
  • RFID
    I don’t know if there are any existing integrations with a GPS system, but if it’s basically storing co-ordinates in some table, then it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re talking about some sort of graphical interface, then you’re much more limited as to what Navision can handle, although it’s quite possible to launch an external app with parameters from navision.

Its a pretty odd request thoygh. I am more likely to believe that they have PDAs in the field, where they enter data, including GPS coordinates, and realy it’s the PDA they need to integrae to Navision, not the GPS.

I have seen it integrated with Map Point…not quite as dynamic as GPS, but it does give them routing info

Map point would make sense to me, but GPS, I don’t know abut you, but I don’t use Navision a lot when I’m driving. Though I do connect to citrix when I’m o the train, bt somehow I don’t think thats what Guna wants. SO Guna I am very curious, can you let us know a llitle more of what you are doing.

Not sure whether this is related to what you were asking (if not, my apologies in advance!), but I am halfway through implementing a telematics solution for the company I am working with. The purpose is to track hundreds of vans as they travel around the country and help provide/verify timesheeting data. Fortunately or unfortunately, the data is presented via a custom written module which the telematics company provided and which we access via automation. I guess this means that the solution would vary depending on which gps provider you went with. Issues experienced: 1) The latitude and longitude from these systems (WGS84 for us) means that there are many decimal places to contend with eg. 28.12345678 degrees. The solution was to multiply each value by a number (300,000 i think) so that we are not dealing with decimal places any more. 2) To make any sense of the raw data, the data has to be converted to something useful. For us, it was converting gps data to the nearest postcode(zip code). This meant converting from WGS84 (GPS) → OSGB36 (British Ordnance Survey) → Postcode (via UK post office PAF file). This involved some very in depth mathematical calculations [xx(] , which is best handled outside of navision beforehand eg. via a code library implemented as a dll. Thankfully the Ordnance survey provided us with the calculations! I guess the moral is ‘conversions are difficult to do’! 3) Satellite data does not often arrive in time, so we have to factor that in. The trackers are supposed to update once a day, but they rarely do at the moment (bit of a supplier issue actually but also possible in general, eg parking underground = no update). You would have to have something on a timer like NAS which would periodically pull updates from the server. edd

In Germany, there exists a certified branch add-on for “Garbage Management” (I hope this is the right translation) called ENWIS from TEGOS Its features are very similar to what Edward discribes: Among others, its used to track trucks on the road and to locate containers with GPS transponders. Maybe they can give you further information. Regards,