Can Nav help sales to alert production about new orders instantly.

We are currently installing Nav 2009.

I’m looking for a way to instantly alert our production office once an order has been processed by sales so there is minimal delay before production deals with X or Y order. Is there a way a flag can be set or the order flashes on screen in the production office to alert production an order has arrived, and production then have to click to accept that they know about the order and are dealing with it.

We’re very new to Nav and I may be dreaming with this question but I thought I’d ask anyway…

What is the easiest way to locate all the standard Nav reports and establish exactly what they will report on?

Thanks in advance Andy.

There are several solutions for this: but how much do you want to spend and how critical is the requirement.

A simple solution is to have a Form of Sales Orders that will colour the orders with a date from to-day. Then Production can access that form on demand.


You could have a SQL Job running


You could have an object running in the NAS to check and send e-mails.