Can NAV capture all user action or update?

Hi all,

Do you have any idea if can we check what action a user has performed? I know that all posting actions are present in the Register, but how about updates that doesn’t affect any posting, such as the price on a PO? Or any Add-on can serve this purpose?


You administration you can configure change log. I don’t know if were that that you were trying to found out.

You might want to try the history manager granule. It keeps track of all changes made within Navision.

The standard Navision Change Log feature will allow you to capture any inserts, deletes, modifies on any table and records in Navision without any additional addon.

If you want to see whether a record has been accessed, you will need to use SQL Server to do that.

Hi Alex,

Can you please elaborate more on how to use SQL Server to check whether a record has been accessed.

Thank You