Can NAV be tailored to take multiple images of stock items?

Hi all,

I am looking to implement NAV 2009 very soon and was wondering about the capabilities to add a feature…?

My company do failure analysis on components that we get in… basically, using a microscope and digital camera feed we take images of parts of a component and check for defects. Can I

  • Capture an image using a video feed. (Example: Its like using a webcam)
  • Associate the image taken to an Item in warehouse
  • Assign values to the image taken… Magnification / DateTime / any notes

We have an old system currently that does the image captures but seeing as we are implement NAV, I was wondering if it was possible to have one system that did it all…?

I am a Visual Studio .NET 2010 developer and have designed a prototype software that captures the image and stores the image in SQL.