Can Nav 3.7 be used with Biztalk 2006?

Pls help.

let me re pharase my question. I want to integrate Nav 3.7 with Biztalk 2006 and i am using sql server 2000. I have installed Biztalk and everything is ok. But question is , is Nav 3.7 compatible with biztalk 2006? In the Biztalk management setup …i dont see any option for choosing Biztalk version. Where as in Nav 4.0 sp3 …there is an option to work with either biztalk 2000-2002 or biztalk 2004-2006. so is this mean that there is no version less than Nav 4.0 sp3 compatible with Biztalk 2006?

You are using std. Biztalk integration. version 2006 isn’t supported in NAV 3.7

Ok thanks.