Can Microsoft Dynamics do the following...

I have a data entry project. It is for customer order history of restaurant and Pizzeria take-out and delivery orders for 50 restaurants and Pizzerias.

Entry for one order would include these categories-

restaurant name, date of order, price of order, customer’s name, address, phone number, whether it was pick up or delivery, driver’s name if delivery.

I need to be able to analyze the data so i can view information organized in some of the following ways:

-view all customers from one restaurant who stopped ordering after a particular year/ month

-view customers who ordered an average of more than once a month who stopped ordering after a particular year

-view restaurants best customers by year, best customers over 5 years

(these are just examples, there are more ways i would like to view this data)

My question is: What is the software that would be best suited for this project? How suited is microsoft Dynamics for this project? Obviously I want to be set on my choice before labourous data entry begins.



Well to answer your question, yes it can.

Of course it would depend upon the setup and configuration of the system and any modifications. Of course I am basing this on your few lines, without any scoping or real knowledge of what you are trying to achieve.

Can other software do this, yes. Which is the best for this solution and for you is the question.

You need to look at the key winners and losers for the business, how it needs to process and the data that needs to be analysed, not to mention budget and partner. You need to go through a selection criteria of software and partners with appropriate investigation.

i would recommend microsoft dynamics NAV with LS Retail add on.

It contains modules specific for restaurant business with NAV as ERP back office

I would advise you to analyse your business constraints in the highest detailed level possible. Even though you already mentioned some, I am almost sure that you have more.

Once you get that information post here again so that we can advise you towards the best Dynamics Solution for you. This excludes other software alternatives, at least for me since I don’t know how they work. I am sure that other softwares will do what you need but for that you should maybe try posting the information regarding your business constraints in other forums that are specialized in other solutions rather than Dynamics.


Pedro Pelicano

Are you looking for a system in which to process these transactions (ERP/TPS)? Or are you looking for a system in which to analyze transactions that have been processed by another system (DSS)? If you’re looking for an ERP system then I would give serious consideration to Navision. If you looking for strictly a DSS then I’m not sure Navision would be at the top of my list.