Can label's caption be changed by code?

Helo! I was wondering if it’s possible to change labels caption just by using code? The label is placed on the Request Form. I tried this: RequestOptionsForm.label.visible:=true; … it worked, but when i tried: RequestOptionsForm.label.caption := ‘asdasd’; … damn thing wont work… If anyone knows how to solve this, please reply this topic… thnx, lp prosen

No, you will need to use a TextBox looking like a Label where you can display a Text variable containing your desired caption.

somehow i had a feeling this will be the answer :slight_smile: thnx

You could also use the old trick of several labels stacked over each other and switching only the one you need to “visible”…

Yes, for example this is the only way to change background color on the labels or textboxes. I’m going to start a petition to obtain the “backcolor” property in Navision! Can i have all of your signs, please?