Can Inventory Aging in R3 version run in the AX2012 R2

I deploy the Inventory Aging in R3 version in AX2012 R2. The program run, data can be generated into the table, but the Inventory Aging (R3 version) said that “There is no data”. Please give me some advise how can I fix it, thank you.

How did you deployed it?
Moving it to developer forum.

Add the R3 objects for the this Inventory Aging report in AX2012

If you haven’t missed any objects and report runs without any error, then you should start debugging it.

Cross verify setups in the environment, you might have missed something there on the Itemsetups.
See if the below links might help to track…/item-setup…/Inventory-Posting-Cheat-Sheet-for-Manufacturing-in-Microsoft-Dynamics-AX