Can I use Retail Channel in Org Hierarchy without a D365 Commerce license?


We plan to use Retail Channel and Store in our org hierarchy and as financial dimensions in D365FO. However, we don’t plan to get a D365 Commerce license, as we mostly do B2B sales and have little need for D365 Commerce’s retail capabilities (retail assortment / pricing / POS etc).

Some of our sales channels are consignment stores and Amazon FBA, for those we do need to track the consignment inventory in addition to revenue and costs.

Could you help me understand:

  1. Can we use Retail Channels and Stores with just a D365FO license?
  2. If not, what’s the best alternative (e.g. can we use Department and Site instead of Retail Channel and Store)?
  3. With the alternative, what “catch” (functional gaps or work arounds) should we be aware of?

Thanks a lot.