Can I use responsibility for the factories or plants owned by a mfg company?

Dear All,
in navision essential manual 3.70 pdf, on page 2-16, there is written thereabout responsibility center.
What I don’t understand is about one of responsibility center examples is a plant planning office.
The word plant here means factory (in chemical engineering language), doesn’t it?
For example, there is a company and have 3 plants outside the city, one accounting division,
one production division but they consider to have more thatn one cost center. May I use
responsibility center for solve it ?
I apreciate your answer. TIA


That depends upon how you are handling cost centres.

Responsibility centres are tied to locations and dimensions, and you could segreate your company by using responsibility centres in this manner, however as I am sure you are already aware there are no responsibility centre settings on the production orders, so these settings are for sales and purchases, and if you have dimensions you can reflect these in accounts. It really depends upon what you are doing and are trying to achieve.

You are right. I understand it now.