Can i use maps insted of Table

Hai to all ,

When am createing the Forms -->>datasources, i would like to use the Maps As the data source insted of tables. Is it recommonded Or not ?

i just drag the perticular maps into the data source then the form is ready .Pls tell me the suggestion

Could you please clarify my doubt anyone.

Why you need to use MAP as data Sources.You dont have any values in MAP.You even cannot able to Add new value in map(directly) then why do you need to use as datasources



Hai Ram,

When am creating a new form i just dragged the Addressmap in to the datasource,then i opened that form.when i clicked Zipcode field in that form i got a dropdown list ,i selected one value then all fields of my form filled by automatically.How it is happening. even Maps don’t have values.

In map we will set relation for each field in MAP.MAP is used to **access fields with different names in different tables.**But we cannot store that Value,we can able to view the Values in different tables.Simillar to views but there is differences between views and maps.

No. U can’t do that

if you use maps as datasource in forms the data should not be saved.

After entering data once u colse the form all the data will be lost.

Thanks Ram,

Then where can we use These Maps.Suppose Tables we can use in the forms And Reports.I don’t know about maps.But i saw in coding part maps are used .

Hai Roshan,

Thanks for Clarification.

For example

maps are used in posting journlas,all the journal id ids are mapped (“JournalTableMap”);

These may help you,