Can i sell the JOB in navision


Can u sell the JOB in Navision ?

example : one customer assigned one work to us , for this both we had a discussion and finilised the JOb price = 40000/-

that means customer is ready to purchase the JOB at the rate of 40000/-( customer does not need how many persons worked, how many items used …)

. so how to sell the JOB.

In navision there is no scope to sell the job using sales invoice ( it has the options resource only , it does not have job .)

how to do this .

Hi Hansika,

What version are you using as job change between version 4 & 5. The overall concept is the same - create task and record usage via job journals. Then from the job create a sales invoice. In version 5 it’s under Job task line → Functions → Create Sales Invoice.