Can i import data from Excel?

Can i import an Excel table to NAVISION?

Only with programming & automation (at least in Financials, don’t know about Attain). Direct Copy ‘n’ Paste is not supported. A workaround would be to save the Excel table as a CSV file and use a dataport, but this requires that the Excel table just contain plain data, no headers, fancy text etc.

If you run Navision Attain, you could look at the budget sheet in Finance for excample in how to import and export from Excel.

Hi, U can use Dataport to import data from excel to Navision, only thing is save the saved changes into CSV FORMAT

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Hi, There are 3 main ways of doing this dependent on exactly what you’re trying to achieve. 1) Dataports as mentioned earlier. 2) Using automation in Navision to open and read your spread sheet. 3) Using VB in Excel to write to Navision directly. - Option 1 is the easiest but least flexible Option 3 is an absolute pig to use! Option 2 is OK but you will need to work with Automation (both for Financial and Attain) so you’ll need to root out your excel OCX helpfiles. Regards Simon