Can i have a footer of total after lines in Autogenerated Report ?

In vendor transaction report it has datasources and the report is designed through Autodesignspec.

It has two body part one is for VendTable and other is VendTrans.

In this report i want after body VendTrans total cloing balance to be displayed.

If it was a generated deign then i could have done this by taking one footer in Body lines part.

Here there is no option for footer.I can’t atake Page footer because it’ll show me every end of page.

First option

So i created one prommable section and override the executesection in Body VendTrans.

So i am getttig each line closing balance correctly,but each line it is not required.

Second option

In Body Vendtrans itself i dragged that total closing balance display method.

It is also displaying in same manner asin First option

Then how can i achieve here total ?