Can i get the list of user's module wise.


We have around 3000 user’s for AX project, some of the user’s having permissions for some modules only,

can i get the list of user’s module wise, we just want to see each module having how many user’s.

please any one help me.

can i write the select statement to get the user’s list.

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There is no chance to find the users in module wise.bcz a big application like ax there are somany relations from module to module.

But u can find the all list of online users .


if u want all users in ax,see the following code may help

static void PickUser(Args _args)


UserId userId;


userId = pickUser();

if (userId)


info(strfmt(“You’ve selected %1”, userId));



Have a look at User Permissions report in Administration…

not possible to see all users,but u can see the users belongs to respected module