Can I catch event after filter on page (NAV 2009 R2) ?

I want to sum data and shows it as summary on list page.

But, I found a problem when do filter on page, summary didn’t change according to the filter.

I don’t know where to catch this event. [:(]

I tried OnAfterGetRecord() but it didn’t work due to the perfomance is very slow and my summary is always change every time I move focus record.

Do you guys have any idea ?

Thank you in advance.

There is no native feature that I’m aware of that fires when a user sets a filter on a page. But, that may not actually be your problem. If the summary data that you’re displaying is based on a flowfield, then you might want to check the definition of that field. If you’re applying a filter to a field that isn’t defined as an element of the CalcFormula for the flowfield, then you’ll need to add that field to the CalcFormula.