Can I buy a used/extra company for Nav 2.0

We are using Navision 2.0 We have a license for five companies, one of which is a consolidating company. We have started a new physical manufacturing company, but have no room in our licensing to add the new company to Navision. Our maintenance agreement expired and Microsoft wants us to ante up $20k+ to come up to date. Of course that also means upgrading to Nav4.0something and rewriting ALL of our customization (which we do not want to do. [:(!] We don’t want the new company/tail to be wagging the whole Navision/Dog. [V]2.0 is fine for us now, except for adding the new company. Do we have any alternative? Am I making any sense? Thanx John Friedman

Hi John When you let your maintenance expire you are saying you are on your own and therefore bound by the limitations of what you have at that point. That said I have heard of companies with lapsed maintenance contracts be allowed back in without buying the software again, but they naturally have to pay the back maintenance fee - you will need to talk to your NSC or Microsoft to discuss this. However once your maintenance is up to date there is nothing forcing you to upgrade, your maintenance would be current and the version you are on is up to yourselves. I see nothing forcing you to upgrade and re-write the customisations - I am not 100% sure because it depends upon so many things, but if an NSC is telling you this you can always verify this by talking to another. If you have valid maintenance you can then purchase the extra company on the appropriate license - assuming you can still purchase granules for your version, something you will need to verify before paying the back maintenance [:D]. The bullet to bite will be the maintenance however you can always try negotiating this. Of course if you had no bullet to bite no-one would ever pay maintenance for the upgrade and additional rights to the software and they would re-pay the maintenance as and when they were forced to.

John, from my knowledge the maintenance agreement and the purchase of new granules are completely independent and you do not have to pay the maintenance fee to be able to purchase new granules. My guess is, as they stopped the “official” support for Navision 2.0, they want you to upgrade, but IMHO you should insist on just buying the additional company granule, which is around usd 200… Another point is, paying the upgrade fee is no obligation to really upgrade to version 4, the license works fine with previous version. Saludos Nils

John, you only have to buy the granule (1100) for the additional company. /Karl

Actually no, you are all wrong. Basically there is no real reason to link maintinence to the purcahse of a new granule, BUT this is country dependent. So you can’t just globaly assume that the rules are global. Though slowly they are becoming more and more unified, which is good news. One thing is for sure, and that is that in the US, negotiation IS an option, where as in many countries it is not. Having said that, an NSC may ustnot be interested in taking on al this hassle for $500. (or what ever), and they may be just saying, that it is not worth it for them to take you on as a customer unlease you aregoing to do an upgrade. It possibel in fact that your NSC has never even seen 2.00, and are therefore very reluctant. Now from the technical point of view. From 2.00 to 4.00 US there are actually features that have been removed. Most of which have been replaced with something else. So Navision may nbot be able to cut you a 2.00 license, since doing so would remove somethng that you are currently using. And to summarize. Yes you should be able to just buy the granule you want, but your NSC (well you don’t really have one of those do you), or the one you contacted may notwant to work on this, so go out and contact another. There are lots of them out there, andthe arket is competitive AND you are the customer.