can have multiple no. sequences for packing slip & invoices?


i have to generate diff num seq for sales DC and sales invoice for different warehouse wise.

In warehouse i have added two field where i can assign num seq for sales DC and invoice for different ware house.

and i am not gona use the common num seq for all ware house which in general it is fetching from parameter-num sequence.(not using common number sequence)

So i found out by debugging where i need to change the code.i.e the method allocateNumAndVoucher() in salesformletter_packingslip and salesformletter_invoice classes.

But what condition i need to put there for diff warehouse?and which standard code i need no comment?

You can make use of number sequence group in this regard.

And during the creation of sales order you can select the group. Or if your customers are specific to site - you can attach this group to the customer - so it will be picked automatically when you create a sales order…

Thanks, But my requirement is specific to ware house.if i go through it will take the site as one.But i need to generate based on warehouse.

What is the business logic behind the requirement when the warehouse is on the transaction and the number is unique?

Currently ax generating common number sequence for sales DC/invoice, Its common for all.But i want to make it specific to warehouse.For different warehouse it should generate different number sequence.

its common all through the country,i want to make it specific to state,if they will get diff num seq for diff state.the logic behind is state tax diff for diff state.So need to show diff num seq for diff state.

But the tax is not related to the number sequence, the number sequence is irrelevant to this so modifying would not seem to be required. The state is presumably on teh order so you already have the data, and if you want it on the report it is already there. You also say “you” are “you” the customer?

i know number seq is not related to tax.if i generate a report state wise for DC/invoice,it will show the DC num and invoice num randomly.Bcoz in between num seq used for other state also.As it is common for all.Customer need to show the tax department the continues serial num.

If it is a legal requirement then surely it should be standard in the AX Indian Localisation? Surely every implementation has this issue to report to the tax department?

its legal requirement,but its not in standard in AX.

Hi Kranti,

Can this number seq group generate diff number sequence for same customer for different sites?

Yes - but you need to select the number sequnce group in the sales order…

i will make it mandatory,can u help me out how to use this group?

Look into parameters Number Sequences - you will be having an option of Group.

Create as many groups you want - with different number sequences…

Thanks Kranti,

This number seq group is working for each sites.still my requirement is with ware house specific.i need to generate for each ware house.what code i need to write in allocatenumandvoucher()?

The groups are not specific to site or warehouse - you can have any number of groups…(No need to write any code)


you need to do customization for warehouse wise number sequence group. So that number sequence group can attach to respective warehouses.

A new menu by the name of warehouse number sequence group will be provided in Basic – Setup – Number sequence to link the number sequence group to the warehouse.

The system will generate the documents based on the number sequence set in the number sequence group set for the warehouse.

I hope this will help you!