Can freshers on this field get the job on this Dynamics AX ????????

Hi All,

My friends are saying that you (Ajay) can’t get the job as a fresher.

Is It True ?

If u have, Can any one give me the solution for this?

I just learnt the Dynamics AX course.

IN some of the companies taking , such as,

surya software Bangalore,-

Ameya Business Solutions - Bangalore-

Navisoft -Bangalore-

Hi ajay,

Frehsers are very few openings on the technology. when comapred with Other technologies. But Once you got the job you have a very good carrier in this field. because profiles are very few on this technology in india.

HI Ajay,

Some of the companies taking freshers also.

Surya Software- Bangalore-

Ameya Business Solutions- Bangalore -

Navi Soft - Bangalore -

Hai Ajay,

As of Roshan said it is correct,why because Ax is a big application.But some companies will taken ax freshers on one condition ,The candidate must have atlest one certification.So u have no problem for ur carrier.U have to learn and well prepare for certification.All the Best [Y]

Hi Ajay,

Everyone has to start their career as a fresher in any of the technology. No one in the world is born expert or experienced.

So don’t worry , you will get good opportunities - keep on trying. Work hard and try to learn more.

Hi Kranthi,

Thank you for your reply.

But I am a B.Tech (E.C.E.) 2008 passed out student. Now working in IT Support field.

So That’s why i want to change my career to good path.

So I joined in this DAX.

Now tell me "Can I on this field get the job on this Dynamics "

and also can you send documents which will be use full to me in this career.

Thanks & Regards,


The above querries which I asked are not only to Kranthi for you all…

Hai Ajay,

Congrats and great that, u have learnt one of best ERP technolgy in business.

and likely as said by kranthi,all are freshers at some point of tym in life :slight_smile:

But In ax point of view, to get a job on this technology would lil difficult but opportunities are all around.

Try hard and u will be in… always i wud say "MSDAX’ is a great technolgy-with high profile & carreer.

So learn more and grab the opportunities.