Can anybody explain me basic difference between AOT query and Views?

  1. can anybody explain me basic difference between AOT query and Views???

  2. why we can use temp table in ssrs report (( but data in different variable then finally insert data in temp table )) , as simple we directly fetch data and show data directly into report … Why we need different variable and temp table in SSRS report can anybody explain it???

  3. How we can apply validation when we click any event of workflow process…

Basically , i created a custom workflow in which we mention any worker apply leave and its leave request goes to its reporting manager through batch job … At the time of leave approve event by reporting manager we want apply validation, when reporting manager click approve then validation validate data (( remaining leave is less than apply leave )) and if leave apply is greater than remaining leave its show error messgage…

I’ll answer the question in title, the other two are not related to “can anybody explain me basic difference between AOT query and Views???” and belong to separate threads.

A query is basically a select statement for selecting data from database. You can define the not only in AOT, but also in code at runtime. Using AOT queries has some advantages, such as that you can use them in forms, in SRSReportQueryAttribute or to define views.

Views are based on queries, but they must be defined at design time, because they’re synchronized to database. You can open SQL Server Management Studio and see there views defined in AX (the same isn’t true for queries). The advantages are that they hide all complexity of the underlying query, expose just those fields that are needed and you can uses view at almost all places where you can use tables (in select statements, as form data sources and so on). But they can’t be written into, obviously. Another useful feature of views are computed columns.