Can a SQL Server table be converted to a NAV table without recapturing each field

Is there a way to import/build a NAV table from a SQL server table.

I have a system with many tables and would like to import such into NAV without recapturing all the field names and types.

kind regards and thanking you in anticipation

Hi Julian,

Such functionality does not exist and I doubt that it will be possible. NAV might be using SQL Server tables to store data, but the whole design is done with NAV, so not possible directly.

Although if you’re talking about a very big system you need to recreate, then I guess it would be possible to write a SQL Server procedure/script which would output the SQL database definitions in NAV source code format. Although if you’re not familiar with NAV, then it would take you a lot of tries and tests as the source code format must 100% precise down to indention levels.

It also presents an oppurtunity to review your database schema in the context of NAV.