Can a Non Domain User can access Ax Enterprose Portal?


I have a requirement where a non domain user(external user) has to access the EP. I am in huge dilemma whether it is possible or not? if possible, what are the ways? If not possible what are the work arounds for the same?

Thanks in advance


User must be listed on user form and be member of atleast one group on the users group form before they can access AX on EP after this you create a vendor,customer or employee and mention this person as an external user through user relation and then give permissions related to EP module which he / she might access.

Hi Kapil,

But to be listed in user form, user must exist in AD.

Mahesh, not sure whether this helps. But I have seen some users create a domain exclusively reserved for external users. Bottom line is user must always be registered in AD. For more info on EP security model, please refer here -


Oh I forgot to mention. [:$]

Hi Kapil & Harish,

Thank you for the quick reply.

But, in my requirement i cant create a domain in AD… :frowning: Is there any work around for this with out creating the domain.

Mahesh V

Hi Mahesh,

Simple answer is you can’t. Dynamics Ax (including EP) is built on fundamental Active Directory security framework. EP uses additional security mechanism like WSS or MOSS security on top. If an user is not listed in AD, then he/she cannot access AX or EP.