Can a field from a second table be added to a Form without a Form Code License?

We have a Service Call Handling Form that has been written for us.
We would like to have on this form an extra field that shows if the customer is on STOP or not.

We have a Form license so we can design forms, but not a Form Code license.

Is it possible to retrieve the Blocked field from the Customer Table by just using SourceExpr and maybe TableRelation
without having to add Global variables and trigger code? If so what is the syntax?



Without any code (globals, vars), you can’t.
The only it’s creating a flowfield in source table of “Service Call Handling Form” of type lookup to customer table.

Fantastic, isn’t knowledge wonderful.

Have added another field to the Service Call table as you suggested and linked the form to it and my users are very happy.
Once all is tested will import it to the live system.

Will contact our Navision Partners and give them the mods.
Very steep learning curve this Navision, especially when you are used to programming in C++ and are given what looks like PASCAL to modify.

Thank you for the very quick reply.



If I correctly understand what you want, then add a flowfield to the source table of the new form. Flow fields do not need code access.