I’m trying to see the posibillity to generate some reports for marketing.

I have opened campagns and targets and filled the prices and other setup needed. So when i make sales order the prices are get from campagn. In the same invoice there are items that are not in campagn so in the invoice header i dont want to use campagn code.

When i chek the Value entry table and item ledger entry it is not any filld with the campagn code. Campagn code is onlly at sales header invoice. This field is compltete onlly in the cases when the campagn code is filled in invoice header before posting.

I need to generate some reports for margins, turnover by location during the campagn period.

Can you suggest any way how to continiue.

Best Regards.

Your campaigns have a starting and ending date. You could start with all of the Item Ledger Entries posted within that date range. Item Ledger Entries store all of the inventory transactions for the database, and from there you can get to Shipments, Invoices, Costs and Prices (Value Entries) etc.

I started to control the sales price and to extract all items are in the campagn for this items I’m going to value entry and get information needed for calculation of sales qty during the promotion and margins.