Can anybody tell me whether Campaigns can be used for giving line discounts

My situation is like this:

For the item ITM001, I am always giving 2% discount to all my customers from date 01-01-2008

Now form 1st of OCT to 31th of OCT I am offering a special discount of 10% on ITM001. I added a new line in the

Inventory & Pricing–Items–SALES—Line Discount

Sales Type=Campaign and sales code = CAMPGN01, then all relevant details and in the Line Discount field I put 10% for the month of OCT.

There already exists a line which represents the 2% discount. I did not touch it.

Now my problem is when I trying to make an Invoice for this item when I try to get the Line discount by FUNCTIONS — GET LINE DISCOUNT, I am able to view only the line which represents the 2%, I am unable to view my Campaign.

I even created a Segment and activated my my Campaign by going to the Campaign card by

On the campaign card, clicking Functions, Activate Sales Prices/Line Discounts. I got the message that it has been activated. But no luck

I never had any problem with Campaign Discounts.

But you need to make sure that

  1. your contact participates is in the campaign target (is created in the Campaign Target Group)
  2. that the customer no. you are using on you sales order also is connected to the the contact no. (check that the contact no. exists on the order).