Hi all! I’m normally doing development in the Navision Financials, but I have a question on the Navision 3.56 regarding the callSYSTEM command. How is it used? Is it equal to the SHELL command in Navision Financials? My problem is the parameters used when using the function. I have a 32-bit DOS application, which is invoked by the callSYSTEM command. with the parameters: callSYSTEM(‘’,’/C’,‘convert.exe f1.txt f2.txt’); When running this piece of code, the convert.exe is executed correctly, but is followed by temporary error message. When pressing OK, the control is returned to Navision. Can this error message be avoided by using the function like this ?: callSYSTEM(‘convert.exe f1.txt f2.txt’); Any comments is welcome Regards Michael

The is only used when making direct DOS-statements as DIR or COPY. Use the return-parameter OK = callsystem() to run the call modally.