Calling Navision function from VB

Hi all.

I want to make a VB procedure to call a function stored at Navision.

There’s a button on a Navision’s form to recalculate some values, and I want to call that button’s function from an Excel macro written in VBA.

For the moment, no problem opening and closing Navision from that macro but I need to call that button from the macro.

Can you help me?

Many thanks.

The only way to do this is with Web Services. And I don’t know what options exist in the Office products to handle web services.

Thanks Matt.

Could you explain how to do it via Web Services???

May I handle the service with Visual Basic if I can.

Well, for one, are you on NAV 2009? And are you running the Role Tailored Client?

Just have Dynamics NAV 5.0

I’m not NAV developer [;)]

Then web services are not an option, sorry. NAV code is just that, NAV code…not code that can be easily called by anything else.