Calling Navision Dataport From VBA/VB

Hello, I an new Navision Attain (beginner) and i have a really hard task. I have integrate Navision Attain with an existing VBA/VB application. I want to call a Dataport from the VBA/VB application and pass it the name of the file that the Dataport will use. Is this even possible, if it is, how do you do that (sample code will help), if it’s not possible, what is the work around…I can be contacted at…thankz in advance

Dear Jeff, C/SIDE objects cannot be accessed or run directly from outside the IDE/run-time environment. If your aim is to get information into or out of Navision, C/Front or C/ODBC can be used for read/write access to the data stored in your database. Both products and their documentation can be found on the Navision Attain product CD. Good luck!