Calling methods indirectly

Is it possible to call a method (on a table say) indirectly. That is given the name of the method in a string can you then call it. Internally Axapta seems to be able to do this with display and input methods. Any ideas? Thanks

I never tried to call a table/class-method dynamically, but perhaps you get some ideas from the following code, which calls a class: Dictionary dictionary = new Dictionary(); Object classToRun; classToRun = ClassFactory.createClass(classNameStringVariable); if (classToRun) {; //.. or whatever method }

Hi, This can be done by using the DictClass. Dict classes are internal classes that provide metadata about different kind of objects in Axapta - tables, fields, classes etc. For more info go to AOT\System documentation\Classes\DictClass. It has 2 methods - callObject() and callStatic(), for the respective type of method that needs to be run. With regards, Ciprian