Calling method 'calculateDetailsSrl' from X++ and SSRS Vendor aging report are returning different results.

Using axapta 2009.

Issue : standard X++ Vendor aging report(Account Payable->Reports->Status->Vendor aging report) are returning different result that standard Vendor Aging SSRS report(Account Payable->Reports->Status->Vendor aging report*) in some cases.

Business connector are pointing correct.

I also tried to call this method (calculateDetailsSrl) from x++ job - and we have different results in ssrs and x++.

Debugged SSRS vend Aging Report and at the line :


recAccountSum = (AxaptaRecordWrapper)axSession.CreateAxaptaRecord(




It is returning only one line-> in Axapta is is returning two lines.

Aos was restarted, SSRS was restarted.

If anybody know about issues with AxaptaRecordWrapper in ssrs please write here.