calling applications out of navision

Hey all, i try to execute an application out of navision. Principally this is no problem, because the command SHELL gives me the opportunity to call any application. the problem is that i need to call a short cut (a programm like telnet which does some tasks at another server via script). But always when i try to execute this script i get the message “your operating system can’t execute program XYZ. Please ensure that the program is installed correctly and executable with your OS” (i had to translate it from German, so please bear with me if it is not 100% correct). If i doubleclick the short cut in the explorer everything is executed correctly. Does anybody know another way to call an application out of navision ? I guess this problem is a problem of navision DE2.50 ?! thanks in advance we are using navision DE2.50 Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Hi Stefan, there is a program in your windows directory called start.exe e.g.: C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\START.EXE Start the link with this program in front of it: C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\START.EXE YourScript.scr Probably, START YourScript.scr, is enough because the command directory is in most cases in the path of a computer. Regards, Reijer

Thanks a lot Reijer, you’re great. It works fine. Problem’s solved ! Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst