Calling another report design from a button


we have created a custom report design for our projInvoice report and we are using the same design for the invoices. Now we got a requirement like we need to add a new button on top of original button and need to add the Ax standard report(i.e AX default report design). Is there a way i can add this by using code rather than creating a new custom report?

By the way i’m working on AX 2012R3 version.

Thanks for your help!

Do you mean on the ProjInvoiceJournal form?
How you are calling your custom design?
Have a look at \Classes\PSAProjAndContractInvoiceController\getReportName

yes, Kranthi, it’s on ProjInvoiceJour form. My client requirement is like he need to have visibility to both standard and custom reports in two different buttons. For exapmle in the original button, we have added our custom report(i.e custom deisgn), now my client also wants us to add one more control above original which should display the standard report. I’m just confused how to proceed,if i need to create a custom report, or if i can make any changes in print management level?


You don’t need another report. Do you have the standard design unchanged? If so you can call that design.
But it depends on how you are calling the custom design on original button?

i’m calling custom design on original button using print management reportformat table, i.e i have defined my custom design in print management reportformat table, and it’s pulling on original button, so now my question is how can i add standard design to one more button and how can i call it using print managementreport format table, as my custom design had already calling using printmgmtreportformat table,can i create a new parameter in printmgmtreportformat table and call my standard design through new button? basically my client wants to view both custom and standard designs using two different buttons on projinvoicejour form…

In this method the report name is set based on the print management settings. Based on the menu item name(_args.menuItemName()) you can try calling a different design of the report.

Hi Kranthi,

Yes, I have written my code in same method you mentioned above, but somehow it’s not pulling my standard design using my code, is there anything i’m missing in my code…please check my code below

//Ram start
if (printCopyOriginal == PrintCopyOriginal::invoiceDetails)
if(documentType == PrintMgmtDocumentType::SIProjInvoice)

Have you tried to debug? Try also adding a breakpoint to parmReportName method and see how the report is changing.

Yes, I had debugged the code, and i see that this is pulling the old design from code, but printing to the screen this is displaying my custom design. Actually i had defined this custom design in printmgmtreportformat table,do you think this is overriding my code and displaying the custom design? Do i need to do something at printmgmt settings?

You need to find out where the report name is overridden. Then we can think about the possibilities of over coming the override.