Calling a lookup value and disabling the button

Ok , so i am working on Inventtable and i have to manually add a value (reinf) in the itemgroup lookup( which i did) , also i need to create a ‘attribute’ button in the inventtable which is only enabled when the lookup value in the itemgroup is set to Reif.

I have tried to use lookupValue() , but i am not able to get my desired work done , what should be the appropriate function that i need to use.

You mean you have created a new item group and the button need to be enabled only when the item group value is the one that you have created?

If so, these kind of operations are done in the active method of the form data source.

Can you help me with the coding part ?

Set the Autodeclaration property to Yes, so that the control is accessible

Have a look at \Forms\InventItemPrice\Data Sources\ItemPriceSimulated\Methods\active and the buttons are enabled based on condition