Called without valid buffer ????


I’m working on AX 2009 CRM Module creating a new Lead. Everything works fine but the Qualifying Process Drop Down List (and button).

Basically I’m trying to develop a customization around the form, and I need to understand the Stages process , but I’m being unable to go that far as I cannot select anything from the Qualifying Process (it is empty), and because of that reason both the Qualifying Process and Stages button are grayed out.

Anyway, I right click the Qualifying Process Drop Down List (on the Grid) and I went to “Go To Main Table” and I got an error saying “No object specified on menu item Hierarchy”

Then I created a new menu item named Hierarchy pointing to the Hierarchy form, and that was when I got the error “Called without valid buffer”

What does this error mean?


PS: It would be great to have a reference to a document or blog where the qualifying process will be explained in more detail.

The error indicates that - the form should be called from a valid data source - in this case it is Hierarchy table

which you can see in the form Hierarchy - init method…

You can create qualifying processes in CRM → Setup → Leads → Qualify Process (see in help for more about it)