Call ActionItem by C/AL

On my Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC Page I have an Action (ActionItem) with properties:

RunObect: Page Extend Text
RunFormView: SORTING(Table Name,No.,Language Code,All Language Codes,Starting Date,Ending Date)
RunFormLink: Table Name=CONST(Item),No.=FIELD(No.)
RunFormOnRec: No

When you press the action (or use the shortcut ctrk+t) the action opens the page “Extended Text” with a filter on the current “No.”.
That’s fine, now I want to execute this action by C/AL code (on a OnAssitEdit or OnLookup trigger)

The reason:

The Extended Text Lines get concated into a 1024 Text variable on shown on a uneditable multiline page. But Multiline Text-Boxes allow only 3 Lines on RTC Pages, this is sometimes not enough, so I want to display a OnAssistEdit button beside the field that does the same as to select the action

Side Notes:

No, promoting the action is not the same
No, tell user to use short cut will not work either

The only reasonable way to it is to move this action from action item properties to a global C/AL function and call it whenever you need to use the action. Direct invocation of UI elements from your business logic is an antipattern in any development environment.