Call a Table Trigger from a form

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Please tell me , how to call a Table Trigger?

Actually i want to get a blank record in my Form.So i thougt i colud call OnInsert Trigger…!! I

plz guide me

I w’d appreciate if Anyone can answer this[:)]N-0074-A


The OnInsert trigger is called whenever you insert a new record in a table through a form.

F3 key will give you a blank record to fill.

Try this:


This should create a new record in the form for you.

That will insert a new record into the database, not present a blank one on the form, as I interpret the original question.

By the way, for that to work, you would have to clear the primary fields between the INIT and INSERT commands. INIT does not initiate primary key fields.

Yeap you are right Daniel,

I just did not have the time to tell the complete story.

INSERT(TRUE); will also just insert a new record into the database when the trigger sets the primary key fields properly otherwise it would fail with “already exists” error.

To use the AUTOSPLITKEY functionality the INSERT command should be replaced by a CurrForm.SAVERECORD instead.

Actually the original question was not very detailed as well. [:D]

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Thanks a lot . [Y] Its worked[:D]