Calender in navision

Hi Experts,

I am new to navision . Just I want to know whether we can have calender control in navision as we have in visual so that we need not type date in a text box. We can click a date in the calender itself and it automatically displays date in the textbox


Navision doesn’t have a calendar box control as in Visual Studio.

You can program your own, though. I think there is one for download either here or on Mibuso. You have to add it to every date field you want to be able to use the calendar on, though, which is a pain.

Can you please tell me how to do this?

I’m not going to tell you exactly how to program it. Start by trying it out yourself and if you run into problems we will be happy to help.


in ls retail we get calendr form. i use same for navision form also to enter the date through calander

Or just copy that code…so much for trying things on your own [:’(]

If you still can try it yourself. It’s a great exercise in learning Form controls, arrays, formatting, etc.

Also, that is a restricted form. Even though it is basic, I don’t think LS would be very happy to know that people are sharing their objects on the forums.

Thanks you are right i did not thought about it.

Here’s one and if yuou scroll down you’ll see alot of other related downloads.

I’m not at my pc right now - so I don’t remember which one we use - but I believe we made a small code change in CU1 relating to dates and if you hit enter on any date field in nav it calls up the calendar. This way you don’t have to change date fields everywhere. When I get a chance i’ll figure it out - unless you find it first in one of those downloads

edit…I found it …THANKS WALDO!