Hi All ,

When i have selected the Depreciation - Straight line in the Depreciation profile and same profile attaching to value model , then selected the calendar but it throws the error like Calendar must be day based for the straight line .

User calculate the depreciation monthly basis only not the day basis .

Could i know the reason why it is throwing the error for the calendar basis in AX 2012 ?

What is the Period frequency on the Depreciation profile?

Thanks Kiran ,


I am new to AX, used to be using other ERP products, so I have some kind of basic questions to ask, so hopefully some kind hearted and patience people will give me a hand.

  1. I believe setting up the FA calendar is required for getting the depreciation calculation process to work, right ?

  2. when I try to set up the FA calendar, say for year 2012, a monthly basic, i.e 12 period in one year, even though I specify the no of period is 12, and the unit is “month”, after clicking the “Create New year” button, at the “View Period” form, I can only see one “BIG” period, for 2012, starting from 1/Jan - 31/Dec, do I have to use the “Split” period button (a couple of time) to break up this one big period into 12 periods ?

  3. Where should I attach the Depreciation book to the asset ? and is the depreciation book contains the depreciation schedule of an asset ? if yes, how does the depreciation schedule get or post into the depreciation book ?

  4. I know that business usually post the monthly depreciation entries to the GL, as a monthly expense entries, how does this happen in AX

Sorry for the long winded questions, any help is much much appreciated ?

Thanks in advance