Calendar pop-up in ASP Pages

A colleague of mine has developed a few ASP pages for our Intranet. There are a few date fields in the user form and we would like to have a pop-up calendar where we could select a date from it. We don’t want to download a calendar applet, is it possible to call a calendar WIN API (from the client?)or is there something like an ASP objects which can be instantiated and called ?

Hi, If you’re going to use ASP pages and want to have a client-side calendar, why don’t you make a javascript (client-side) window that draws a calendar and the user picks a day he wants. I’ve used client-side calendars based on javascript/HTML/ASP, and it works fine. I didn’t programmed it, so I can’t provide you any sample code, but I’m sure there are some samples in the web, free to download. Regards.