Calculation Part in report


i have designed a report in nav 2009 classic through section design…Sales Header and sales lines are the two Tables i ahve taken,i need one column say margin,for these i need to add columns like ,unit cost-unit price+invc discount+speical price.

plz explain me…

Have you ever made a report before?

What have you tried and what is not working?

I am new to navision and report deigning.

I done with some part of the report…n ret of d calculation part i need to get



According to your requirement, you want to show a new column in report body which shows some amount after some calculation on sales line fields.

To achieve this, you can use a text box in the sales line body section and in the SourceExpr property, write unit cost-unit price+invc discount+speical price. This will show the net amount after calculation.

This should work.