Calculation of Depreciation on 365 days basis

Hi, Navision Attain by default divides annual depreciation by 360 days and calculates monthly depreciation on the basis of 30 days even if the month is February. As per the Indian Companies Act, it is necessary to depreciate an asset in the first year in which it has been acquired by dividing the annual depreciation by 365. Eg., if the asset is acquired on 1st March 2003, depreciation for the period 1st April 2002 to March 2003 would be divided by 365 and multiplied by 31 (No. of days in the month of March). This does not involve much code change. Currently, though, force No. of days can be used, but, it requires that No. of days for which depreciation is to be calculated has to be counted separately by the user and then calculate depreciation. Again, this figure would have the denominator as 360. So, the periodic depreciation as per the Companies Act in India would not be properly calculated.

Hi We have the same problem here in Hungary! Create a new request on partnerguide. [:)]

Hi, A new request was put on the partnerguide but the local Navision Office gives a reply that it could be used with a work around which gives problems as mentioned in my mail.