Calculation Expression Syntax


Where can I find all the expression syntax I can use in Calculation element in row definition? I want to know what expressions I can use and how to format. For example, if I wanted “if A>B, 1, 0”%. Can I do anything close or do I have to use report builder? thanks.


Is this a question about the field “calculation expression” in the columns of financial statements? Maybe you could elaborate on what it is you want to calculate. In general: any operator that is recognized by X++ can be used in that field (+ - * / %). You can find some examples in the help function.

( ) + / * - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Only the above can be used in calculation expression.

Hello, is it mean that it cannot use % in calculation expression? But I read the help file, % is valid symbol it can use in AX, however, when I type % in that field, it show " There are syntactic errors in the expression #1/#2 %"